My Concept

Innovative solutions, and access to all types of mobile
devices. 100% possibility of personal setting features, and
making My Concept, YOUR Concept!. Perfect quality, from the first to the last espresso



Modern lines, cutting edge
technology, the ability to adapt to any need. These are the characteristics of Urban, the latest creation from Wega.

Mininova Classic

An individual visible unit with standard height of 82 mm (distance from the dispensing spout to the cup-support grid). A steam nozzle and a hot water
dispensing nozzle, both manual and fitted with retro-style knobs.



A new and innovative coffee machine, the result of the most advanced experience and technical knowledge, a visible expression of Wega’s skills.


Nova breaks down the classic aesthetic architectures of coffee machines. Geometrically defined volumes are reassembled to give life to a design with an innovative language, whose shapes are dictated by the functionality of the product. Defragmentation is the key word for a machine with suspended shapes, which leave room for large, ergonomic work areas and a wide range of stylistic customization. Nova: the beauty of necessity.



Polaris: a coffee machine with character,
with a reliable heart and capable of giving personality to any location. In addition to new backlit push button panel system, also features a completely design revisited: the body becomes aerodynamic and futuristic with the possibility of having a particular play of RGB LEDs on the panel side that make it unique in its kind.


– New retro-illuminated touch pads
– 4 programmable doses per group
– Two steam wands
– Automatic hot water outlet (2 – 3 gr.) – Built-in motor pump